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The Move to Castle Hill....

Late 2007...

C Scott M Turner & D Reeve
Sun 2nd Feb09
Final Working Party01
Apr09 Leic Rd2

Land identified and negotiations to purchase get underway with the need to secure an access driveway to the 8.5 acre site off Leicester Road.

Newtown Rd WImage

Newtown Road - the home of UTCC since the early 1950s

The ground move was a number of years in the making and helped by the club acquiring prudently a 'war chest' that helped make the all important land purchase.

Together with help from the Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket Board, Mike Turner MBE and the ECB - the club undertook the necessary changes to open funding doors. The target to complete the project - £650,000.

First objective was to secure Focus Club status which was granted in 2007 and by mid year the club had also been accredited under the ECB's Clubmark framework. During the latter part of 2007 and early 2008 a number of club volunteers who supported the junior cricket section took and gained their UKCC Level 1 qualifications.

The funding drive wasn't focused purely on the ECB - Charlie Scott and Dick Reeve looked at a number of sources and were able to garner not only support from local businesses but locals in the community.

Rutland County Council and the Youth Opportunity Board made three separate contributions - notably to help build the junior square and outfield and then provide the money for the Junior Pavilion. The partnership we have with the Youth Opportunity Board continues as the club helps with providing sport activity sessions in school holidays. The Youth Opportunity Board have also been a key funding partner in the club being able to erect a 4 lane practise net with artificial wickets - these will be ready in April 2012.

Rutland County Council's Youth Opportunity Scheme has significantly benefited junior cricket at Uppingham Town CC.

The support from and time given by players and supporters has made a huge difference - whether that was decorating, cleaning, preparing the ground, getting the bar set up, all made hitting the April deadline possible.

December 2008...

Land purchase completes and the planning of activities to prepare the ground for Steven Pask to lay the outfield and squares.

February 2009...

Perimeter fencing, rabbit and mole screening are installed around the entire area - the number of volunteers on site most Sundays is staggering!

February 2009...

Utility services piping is laid to the two pavilion sites and into the locations of the cricket squares. Last jobs before Steven Pask starts ground preparation.


Castle Hill - Main Pavilion